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WheelSpin Wednesday

Series Updates

A Message from the Banquet Committee

 In an effort to give riders more in return at the annual banquet in January, the banquet committee is asking ALL RIDERS to please fill out one (1) of the forms with their sizes. This will allow us to have further ideas/options for prizes.



Thank you,

The Banquet Committee

A Message from Registration

 First of all THANK YOU to all the riders and their families who came out as we kicked off the first event of the 2018 series! DreamRiders had an amazing turnout and it was nice to see so many familiar faces coming back to race the series this year.

For those of you who waited in the incredibly long line on Saturday, we appreciate you hanging in there!

For Valley View, Saturday Registration will open early and the hours will be 2:00-6:00!

After getting together with the Registration team, we have some tips that we’d like to pass along to help us help you get through the line quickly so you can get back to enjoying your weekend!

1. Choose the correct line. If you are signing up for the series or as a day rider you must see Jaime in the Full Service Line. If you have all of your documents already in hand, you can see Tena in the Express Line.

2. Please have your CURRENT AMA card/copy of the paperwork/or a photo on your phone. We cannot register you without this.

3. Please have your CURRENT WNYOA card. These are in your envelopes that you can pick up at registration if you don’t have them yet, please stop at the front table and get this first before getting in line. Having everything ready in hand when you walk up to the table helps us get you through as fast as possible.

4. Remember it’s CASH or CHECK only! No Credit Cards.

5. If you DO NOT have an Annual Minor Release from the AMA (little white card), you MUST fill out a minor release at every event. This is a two sided form and must be signed by the racer. Please be sure it’s completely filled out before you get up to the registration table.

6. On Sunday mornings it is imperative that we get the early morning racers registered as quickly as we can to get them to the line. This means that on SUNDAY MORNINGS we will be giving first priority to our youth riders. Adults, please wait until after 9:30am to come to Registration.

**Remember that we can register anyone in any class on Saturday**

Thank you again! We look forward to seeing you all at Valley View on the 20th!

2018 FLY Racing Contingency Program

Click the link below to check out the details and application regarding the 2018 FLY Racing/ WNYOA Contingency Program! 

You will also find a current list of riders that are signed up for the FLY Contingency Program. The list is current as of 05/04/18. 

 ** Just as a reminder: Racers must RACE at least 50% of the races provided by the series in order to qualify for pay out at the end of the season. “Working the event” does not count. And it takes a minimum of 5 riders to make a qualifying class eligible for pay out. We will not pay out any events with less than 5 riders on the line.** 

WNYOA Announces Sponsors for 2018

WNYOA has officially announced partnerships for the 2018 season, and there's a big the link below to check out the full press release.

Bobcat of the Twin Tiers Proudly Supports WNYOA

Check out the information about WNYOA's newest Series Supporter by clicking the link below!

Rider Numbers

Go check out the 2018 Rider Numbers that have been posted on the Rider Registration Info page.

*Remember,  Any applications received after April 8th have NOT been added to the database yet.  Please do not panic, these applications will be processed soon. If you find any problems or inconsistencies please contact BOTH Jaime Francey-Henry AND Tena Tavelli.* 

2-Day Event Format!

This year the WNYOA Series will have THREE 2-Day events, SCOOTERS (Round 9), CROSS COUNTRY CUSTOMS (Round 11), & THE FINALE (Round 14).

The race schedule format for THESE races will be as follows:


Saturday- BIKE DAY

9:00am Pee Wee Bikes (45 min. race)

10:30am Mini Bikes (45 min. race)

12:00pm HS-2 Race (2 hr race)

3:00pm HS-1 Race (2hr race)

HS-2 Bike classes:

Super Senior B/C





Open C

125-200 C+

125-200 C

Vet C

Senior C

Schoolboy 1

Schoolboy 2 


HS-1 Bike classes:


AA 35+

250 A

Open A


Vet A 

Senior A

Super Senior A

250 B

Open B


Vet B

Senior B

Sunday- QUAD DAY

9:00am Pee Wee Quads (45 min. race)

10:30am Mini Quads (45 min. race)

12:00pm HS-2 (1.5 hr race)

2:30pm HS-1 (1.5 hr race)

HS-2 Quad classes:

Teen Women

Jr C

College C

1st yr. C

Senior B

Super Senior B

Vet C 

Teen Novice 1

Utility 1 

Utility 2

Teen Novice 2

HS-1 Quad classes:


Jr A

College A

Vet A

Senior A

Jr B

College B

Vet B

Teen 13-15


WNYOA Announces New Number Plate Design & Graphic Sponsor!

WNYOA has announced that there are new recommended number plate designs based on what class you are riding in. This comes with a partnership for graphics with Podium Designs!

Check out the full press release below!

Break Down of Number Plate Designs by Class

With the new number plate design recommendations there has been some confusion of what color you would be running depending on your class, check out the full break down of the color number plates below!

DP Brakes -WNYOA's OFFICIAL Brake Sponsor for 2018!

DP Brakes and WNYOA are proud to announce that DP Brakes will be the OFFICIAL brake sponsor of WNYOA for the 2018 race season! Look for more information at the 2017 Banquet and on this site after!

DP Brakes