WNYOA Rules & Guidlines

These are modifications and additions to the WNYOA Rulebook for 2018. You can find the entire rulebook below.


Added any AA rider from another series that wants to race our AA must be verified by President, a Vice President, or Series Ref.

Removed 70 stock line from mini quads.


Lower our PeeWee quad age to 9 to match GNCC as well as the AMA guidelines effective for 2019 season

Added NOT allowed to impead a race in progress (ex. On foot or bicycle)

Renumbered the PeeWee quad lines to reflect the splits for the girls line and the split in the 400 line.

Added to the 800 line additional class 8-12 yrs old 71-125cc 4 stroke Limited line (old rules 300 line 2016) split them 800b start together.

Split women/teen ATV line Women 1000-1085 Teen 1o00-1o85b start together scored separate.


Added to both 65cc mini bike lines 51-112cc 4 stroke Limited allowed (AMA new rule).

Changed our School Boy class to match the AMA classes School Boy 1 And School Boy 2 classes.


Added Vintage class to adult bike race machines 1990 and older.

Added ATV Teen novice class (14-15) 91-300cc 2 stroke

91-400cc 4 stroke


Removed the “youth frames only” requirement for mini Quad hybrids.


Clarified open rules in definitions. “OPEN ATV - Open ATVs are to use the stock Frame (Frames may be Gusset) must use Engine cases that the ATV came with from the manufacturer. Modified Stock engine cases allowed. All other components are allowed to be changed.”

Added No Production Hybrid to 90cc Limited 600 line and 90cc beginner 900 line. Add NO Apex with cr85 engine                                           

Added definition of what a “Production Hybrid” is. Production Hybrid – An ATV that fits the hybrid definition that is built by a manufacturer (example Apex with a CR85 motor)

These below are AMA rules that we already were using just now added to our rule book to make it easier to find the information: 

-Added AMA rules for workers can not race event. "anyone who lays out the course, marks it, or who in any way may have an unfair advantage through his involvement in organizing the meet, is prohibited from competing”

-Added AMA no music or electronic communication while racing. “Use of electronic communication with the rider or use of a portable electronic device of any kind (i.e. digital music device) that would be considered a distraction while competing during the meet is prohibited.” 

-Add see AMA for further info

2018 WNYOA Rulebook (pdf)


2018 AMA Rulebook (pdf)